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A personal injury attorney can help you throughout the process of seeking fair compensation for your case whether you file a lawsuit or not. They can help preserve and investigate critical evidence that could otherwise be missed, communicate with your insurance company, handle insurance adjusters for you, submit medical bills for you and negotiate a full, final and complete settlement to cover present and long-term damages from the accident.  Many personal injury or plaintiff attorneys use a contingency fee, meaning you don’t pay them out of pocket.

While it is nearly impossible to predict the sum of compensation you may receive following an auto accident settlement or verdict, you should expect your property and physical damages to be covered.

These include property damage, such as the repairs and/or replacement of your vehicle, as well as any medical bills and long-term medical expenses, plus lost wages. Estimating the value of pain and suffering is much harder to do, and the sum depends entirely on the specific details of the accident and persons involved.

Get a FREE Auto Accident case evaluation from a local lawyer!

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