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When It Is An Emergency.  You Need To  


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Motorcycle Accident

Auto Accident

Hit & Run Accident

Uber Accident

18 Wheeler Collission

Death On A Business Property

Wrongful Death

Personal Injury

Rideshare Accident

Commercial Truck Crash

Bicycle Crash

Maritime Accident

Personal Injury


Emergency Laws 

No More Injustice!  No More Bad Representation    

Selecting A Lawyer

  1. Select an attorney that shares your values, your background, your vision. 

  2. Find and Interview the Best Fit attorney to represent you and your family. 


Once you have identified one or more lawyers you may want to hire, you should telephone each one and speak to the lawyer for five or ten minutes to determine whether he or she handles your type of problem.  Give the lawyer a brief description of the problem and ask if the lawyer has experience with it.  Find out whether the lawyer charges an hourly fee, a flat fee, or a contingent fee and what the hourly rate, flat fee, or contingent percentage is.  Ask if the lawyer charges for an initial consultation and, if so, how much.  Get a feel for whether you think you can get along with the lawyer.  If you are satisfied so far, make an appointment.

This first phone conversation is also an opportunity for the lawyer to decide if your case is one he or she might want.  If it is not, the lawyer can save you the trouble and expense of coming in.  If the lawyer tells you he or she is unable to represent you, ask for a referral to another lawyer who handles your type of matter.

Get a FREE case evaluation.  Interview a local Emergency Laws attorney!

Lyft Accident

DUI Accident

Deceased Accident Victim

Trucking Accident

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